Explore Malaysia

Our People

Malaysia is a diverse, multiracial country, made up of people from different races and religions living harmoniously together. The largest group of Malaysians consist of three main races, namely the Malays, Chinese and Indians.


Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is undeniably a melting pot of cultures, traditions and religions that embraces diversity like no other.

Natural Attractions

Comprising of thirteen states, Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and is recognised as a tropical paradise that is blessed with lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and various other natural wonders waiting to be explored and appreciated.


With stunning architecture, you'll find that Malaysia is a mix of both the ultramodern (i.e. Petronas Twin Towers) and heritage palaces and buildings.

Malaysia Cuisine

As a country that brings together many different cultures, you can expect Malaysia’s food scene to be as varied and influenced by it’s numerous cultures. This influence can be easily seen throughout the cooking process, from exotic flavours and spices, to unique cooking techniques used to create many world renowned dishes.

Historical Sites

Explore Malaysia’s historical destinations that are well known throughout the world. Malaysia regularly appears on top 10 travel destinations lists for its time-honoured buildings, monuments, and museums. The presence of these historical sites will take through Malaysian history.

World Class Health Care

Malaysia's healthcare industry has several distinct selling factors that positions Malaysia as a world class leader in healthcare. This includes world class healthcare facilities and personnel, internationally accredited and recognized, and at a lower cost in comparison to its counterparts in other parts of the world.

World Class Education Destination

Malaysia is one of the world’s best destinations for higher education as it provides world-class education through a variety of unique and flexible courses. In fact, Malaysia ranks 35th among the top 600 universities according to QS World University Rankings 2021.